Reflections in 'Service Learning'

Leading around and within.

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Peace around and within. -Sister Susan

More than a decade ago, I met Sister Susan while planning a silent meditation retreat at a local mission. Sister Susan always signed her emails with 'peace around and within.' The weight of these four little words have never left me. For each of us, I imagine they would mean slightly different things.

COVID-19 Increases Demand for CalState S4

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Response to the coronavirus has changed the way all of us do business. The CSU Center for Community Engagement is supporting campuses and community partners to navigate the changes with the use of technology, CalState S4.

Community Engagement in the CSU

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Community engagement experiences afford students opportunities to immerse themselves in the issues communities face and encourages them to learn from and serve alongside community members. These opportunities promote self-empowerment and life-long learning while providing high quality experiences of being academically engaged and authentically involved, thus becoming agents of change across all types of difference.