COVID-19 Increases Demand for CalState S4

Response to the coronavirus has changed the way all of us do business. The CSU Center for Community Engagement is supporting campuses and community partners to navigate the changes with the use of technology, CalState S4.

CalState S4 is a student-centered, user-driven solution to minimizing administrative burdens, streamlining the risk management process, accurately tracking and analyzing data and breaking down the data by campus and program. A sophisticated web application, CalState S4 was designed by the CSU for the CSU to provide a user-friendly interface to manage students’ off-campus academic learning experiences, such as service learning, academic internships, professional and health science field placements and undergraduate research experiences.

With the onset of distance learning, many campus programs across the system have an increased need for the support that CalState S4 can offer, particularly around risk management. Before Covid-19, CalState S4 served 28 unique campus programs at 15 campuses. Since the onset of Covid-19, 2 new campuses and 10 new programs have chosen to use CalState S4. Most of the new programs represent teacher education and Social Work.

CalState S4 greatly strengthens our risk management & risk reduction effort. Connectivity means that in addition to tracking student progress, we are effectively tracking student safety. In the event of an emergency, Cal State S4 allows campuses and the system office to have information about where and when students are serving at their fingertips, thus providing campus personnel with fast and accurate information when they need it most. Through Cal State S4 students can be contacted directly to share updates or instructions, at a moments notice, to keep students safe and informed.

Like our colleagues across the CSU, the S4 team has stepped up to meet the challenges generated by distance learning. They have welcomed and oriented new programs and sustained exemplary service to all. The team is striving to meet the increased need for technical support for all users. In addition, they have contracted with an external consulting group, Four Kitchens, to handle “bugs” and support infrastructure development. All of us at the Center for Community Engagement are dedicating our time, knowledge and talent to support our colleagues across the system as we navigate the pandemic. Here’s to remaining innovative and resilient!

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